Equine Photography Cowboy-My POA pony

Horses- A Photography Specialty

Whether your horse is a breeding stallion, show horse or beloved family pet you have no doubt invested much time, money and hard work into your animals. I believe that all horse owners deserve to have fantastic images that truly flatter their horses.

When I photograph horses and people, I not only bring my skills as a photographer, designer and painter but also the passion as a lifelong horse enthusiast.

With over twenty years of riding, showing and judging, I understand how the subtle differences between breeds and disciplines can make the difference between good and great equine photography.

Contact me, I would love to discuss the ways quality equine photography can improve your business or create artwork for cherished memories.

Please see my Equine Portfolio for many examples including a fun specialty of mine- high school senior pictures with horses.  The equine pricing guide is available for information on farm call sessions. 

As a horse photographer, I was honored by the National Girl Scouts of America to be featured in their mentoring series entitled “Itʼs Your Business-Run It.”  The program is designed to promote and foster young girls’ interests in becoming entrepreneurs and women business owners of the future.